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MariLark was established in 1997 to honor the memory of Marie and Larkin Smith. They built MariLark in 1941, calling their home “MariLark” a combination of their two names, Marie and Larkin.

To honor their dedication and passion to their home and the local community, a sign was carved in 1997 and placed on the corner of the property to commemorate and continue the tradition of the passion for the home and local community.

Now 20 years later, MariLark Farm has been established as a result of “The Greenhouse Effect.” Stay tuned for more about that and watch us grow.

MariLark circa 1950


The Little Red Barn

Launching a movement! Rarely in life do you exceed your expectations and the launch of the Community Seed Bank (CSB), otherwise known as the little red barn, was one of those occasions. In the planning stages for years, the seed bank and the adjoining farm...

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Ben the Painter

I met Ben Nardinelli about three years ago at a San Francisco Bay/East Bay Urban Farm tour. The farm tour, set up by Ruby at the Institute for Urban Homesteading, visited a number of urban farms in the Berkeley and Oakland border area. We were stopped at Wanda...

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Tomato Tasting 2017

It's time for our annual tomato tasting! This will be our fifth annual tasting and that alone warrants a blog post about tomato tastings. This year we will be featuring over 20 types of tomatoes from the local community, many of them grown from plants given away or...

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Our 5th annual tomato tasting was a huge success.


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