It was our sixth annual tomato tasting and each year it gets better and better. A number of first timers came so I expect it will continue to attract more and more people to this unique and fun event. The 2018 tomato tasting happened to fall on my birthday this year, so for those in the know, we had an after party to celebrate my ’29” birthday again 🙂  With the launch of our community seed bank this year, the tomato tasting took on a mood of celebration making it to the launch of the seed bank. We had a large tented area and had a seed saving demo and discussion about cover cropping and seed saving. 

One of the BIG attractions was the 261 pound pumpkin nicknamed “Plumpkin” that still had about a month to grow. This was my first giant pumpkin (giant for me but not giant with the real growers) to bring attention to the seed bank. And boy did it bring attention to the seed bank and farm. It was a 1911 Urena from Leonardo Urena, a champion grower from Napa. I learned a lot about growing pumpkins so stay tuned for an even larger pumpkin next year. Look for the post and photos of the Half Moon Bay giants!

Click on the images to see them in their full glory.